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About Us

Gözmer Gözlük Industry and Trade Limited Company continues its production on optical frames and sunglasses with making use of technological opportunities and its inovation and experience of many years at our facilities in İstanbul.

Our company's production life has begun with our brand, Summit. Afterwards, it increased its product range and also color range, with adding its registered brands Pulsar, Ramani, Dehills, Impiana and Asre to its collection.

Our frames, adressing to all consumer groups, are produced with Switzerland TR 90 raw material. TR 90 raw material has a very wide area of usage, from delicate medical devices to optical equipments. It has a flexible, lightweight, nondeformable and unbreakable structure. In addition to these characteristics, most importantly it is 100% antibacterial and antiallergic. It doesn't contains any additives like BFA and BİSFENOL, which causes allergy.

Our company distributes from west to east, north to south, to optical shops of all regions in Turkey. At the same time, it exports to many countries with "Made in Turkey" label, which is a source of pride for us.

Our company, which is a domestic manufacturer, has a team that have a command of high technology, doing R&D, provide services suitable for customer's requirements, well educated, skilled and settled down to its work. Our company cares about customer satisfaction in all circumstances and continues its production life rapidly and emphatically with adding new achievements, without sacrificing quality.